Friday, November 26, 2010

Backpacking at Joshua Tree

26 November. It's so cold that I'm in bed at 6:26 pm as I try to stay warm. Fortunately, my tent and sleeping bag seem up to the task. I'm backpacking with the Boy Scouts and last night I was warm and full of turkey.

I purchased an app called Autostitch that makes larger pictures from many smaller one, as if i had a wide angle lens. But my best example so far is more panorama than wide angle. There's some blurriness where the stitching took place :(

I have another new and better toy for my iPhone- an app to do high dynamic range photos. What's HDR? See the following example. The app took two images, one exposed for the foreground and one for the sunlit rock and sky, then merged them into a single, better picture.

Same here:

And here:

Past sunset now. Good night with red light in the sky to the east.

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone

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