Monday, December 20, 2010



Ocr on the friendly sign tells us that, "This piece of equipment was the first successful mining device to replace human labor in removing the rubble from underground hard rock-blasting. The Model 12B, which weighs 4,200 pounds and requires 60 to 125 pounds per-square-inch air pressure, was first introduced in
1938. When the bucket is loaded with rubble, the
operator actuates the bucket drive motor to exert force on
the rocker pull chain, which is attached near the outer end of the rocker arms. The rocker arms roll the bucket upward toward the rear of the machine so that it maximizes the initial lift force on the bucket. As the bucket is thrown rearward, its vertical velocity decreases, and its horizontal velocity increases until the rocker arms strike shock—absorbing stops on the frame. When the bucket stops, the contents are flung into an attached mine car."

More ocr: "Jerome is perched on the side of Cleopatra Hill over rich ore deposits. In 1876, mining claims and a mill were located near the town. These claims were purchased in 1882 by thebUnited Verde Company and the tent camp was named Jerome after Eugene ]erome, a major financier of the company."

Today there's wine tasting, galleries, and tourist shops. We had a short and wonderfully personal tour of Robin John Andersons' gallery and studio located in the former high school across the street from the first photo in this post. See

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