Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green beans braised 3 hours

I made Green Beans Braised 3 Hours as a test for Thanksgiving. 

I didn't measure anything, but I did follow the recipe ingredients. Sweat some onion with olive oil and some bacon pieces.

Cut up the bacon, add diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, fennel seed (crushed / ground), trimmed beans and braise on low heat for three hours.

I've never before used a long cooking process for green beans like this, having believed in quick cooking for my entire life.  Ed Bruske, who's recipe I am following, says that you can either have a taste like chlorophyll and pretty green beans or delicious green beans that don't look very attractive.
What I've found so far is that the beans were crisp after a few minutes in braising liquid, just the way I'd expect if I cooked them quickly.  After 20 minutes they were tough and a bit stringy with a bit of a wood-like taste, not crisp, and this is the way I've tried to avoid cooking them my entire life.  However, after 3 hours they were firm to the tooth but no longer stringy and the taste was quite good.

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