Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puzzling time of day rates from Edison

I received two very similar slick mailings from Edison.  They want me to use my newly installed SmartConnect smart meter (which reports usage as well as time of day) and join one of three nearly identical new billing plans which they attempt to differentiate by calling them the "Quick Start Package", the "Go-Green Package", and the "Cost-Cutter Package".  All three plans have time of day pricing for electrical use where you can earn bill credits for powering down between 2PM and 6PM and you are automatically enrolled in automatic bill paying, which "eliminates paper clutter".  They then add on some slightly differentiating features that cost nothing: track your use online, meet a budget number, and so forth.

What's galling is that there appears to be only one plan, that direct billing or online payment is mandatory, and that they expect me to swallow the idea that, really, there's actually three unique plans.  I would so appreciate a straight forward list of new billing and payment options that I could pick and choose from cafeteria style instead of feeling like they think I can't read and determine for myself that they're selling the same thing with three different names.  The web site that they sent me to has even less information, just a click here to sign up message.

Why the slick sales?  Maybe its just to get me onto paperless billing and direct pay.  Certainly the steadier stream of bill payments would make it easier for them to manage cash flow.  But that's not a benefit to me.

see SCEPackages.com

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